Zephyr iPort PLUS TL-IPORT

Zephyr iPort PLUS
Zephyr iPort PLUSZephyr iPort PLUS

Zephyr iPort PLUS is a Multi-codec Gateway. It transports multiple channels of stereo audio accross IP networks including private WANs, IP-radio links, and over Public Internet. iPort Plus is perfect for large-scale distribution of audio to single or multiple locations over single or multiple IP paths with redundant-path reliability.


  • Transmits/receives as many as 8 bi-directional IP channels per encoder, each with GPIO and PAD.
  • Or encodes / decodes up to 16 streaming audio channels for Internet transmission to the public, or for internal distribution, via SHOUTcast, Steamcast or compatible stream replication server.
  • UDP, TCP, and Multicast stream types, independently configurable per WAN stream.
  • Complete WAN connection management - enable/disable, stream routing, origin and destination, audio and GPIO.
  • Coding algorithms include standard AAC, high-efficiency AAC-HE (aacPlus), AAC-HEv2, low-delay AAC-LD, and MP3. Bit rates from 24 kbps to 320 kbps, definable per stream, with audio encoding parameter control via IP.
  • Optional aptX® Enhanced audio coding may be ordered at time of purchase or added later.
  • Increased GPIO capacity: 20 bi-directional closures per codec channel.
  • When used as part of a Livewire network, allows audio from remote facilities to be used as if it were a local source.
  • Easy GPIO connection to Axia elements.
  • Remote status signaling and control using virtual GPIO pins.
  • 3 bi-directional user data channels per codec.
  • Two 5-input Virtual Mixer (VMIX) channels each allow combining up to 5 networked Livewire audio streams on a single channel.
  • Eight Virtual Mode (VMODE) channels allow audio to be split into left/right channels, summed L+R, and more, prior to encoding and transmission.
  • Optional Time Zone Delay with SSD-based dynamic storage space allocation, configurable per codec, with synchronized delay of GPIO and user data channels
  • Remote control/configuration via any computer with a standard Web browser.
  • Separate LAN and WAN jacks help ensure network security.
  • Fanless, convection-cooled DSP-powered platform with dual-redundant, auto-switching power supplies for maximum uptime. Power supply modules are mounted on slide-in rails and are independently field-replaceable in minutes.

Content Delay option

This option adds hardware and exclusive software to enable delayed playout of selected received audio channels. Associated GPO and ancillary data is likewise delayed and synchronized with audio. Allows scheduled delay of content from any, or all, of Zephyr iPort Plus’ coded audio channels for up to six hours; each channel's delay time is independently configurable.